Handmade Popcorn Garlands

Our 100% real popcorn garland is made in the USA and is strung by hand on durable commercial grade cord. The gold-tone metal hooks on each end allow you to string the garland continuously around your tree, leaving no gaps or bare spots.   
  • Traditional-Pop 9' Popcorn Garland

    Traditional-Pop 9' Popcorn Garland

    Traditional-Pop is an all-time favorite, pure and simple, bringing you the look of freshly-popped garland that, when stored properly, will last for years.  

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  • Berry-Pop 9' Popcorn Garland

    Berry-Pop 9' Popcorn Garland

    Beautiful Berry-Pop features 15 wooden cranberry beads, adding color and holiday charm to the pops of fluffy white corn. When stored properly, our garland will bring you years of enjoyment. 

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