About Us

We are a proud family-owned and operated business based in the USA. We love celebrating Christmas and sharing that joy with family and friends.


That’s why we make our popcorn garlands by hand and dedicate ourselves to producing the highest quality decorations for you to enjoy year after year. We only use the biggest, most beautiful popcorn, real wooden beads, gold-style hooks and the most luminous glitters. We preserve them using tried-and-tested methods so your garlands will stay fluffy and fresh-looking for years to come. 


So, where did we come from and why are we doing this? Well… it’s an interesting story… 

Our Story 

Several years ago, I purchased two beautiful strands of “The Original Popcorn on a String” produced by Stephen Douglas. When I saw how stunning it looked on my tree, and the attention it received from visitors, I realized that two strands were just not enough, so I tried many times to buy more. No luck. “Sold Out” on the website and not available in any stores. I resigned myself to being grateful for the two that I had. 

But, when Christmas 2022 was over and I was undecorating the tree, my daughter came by and seeing the garland laid out, said “oooh…your beautiful popcorn garland! Too bad you only have two…” I told her of all my failed attempts to buy more, and she asked if I had tried to call the company by phone. Nope, hadn’t done that – I’ll call right now. 

“Hello?” a gentleman answered. I explained that I was trying to reach Stephen Douglas for more popcorn garland when he interrupted and said “I’m Stephen Douglas”. (REALLY??) I gushed on about how much I loved my garland and told him that I wanted to buy more because I only bought two, blah blah blah… He replied that he was retired and no longer producing it. (WHAT??) As I jokingly tried to convince him that retirement was overrated, he replied “if you want, I can tell you how to make it”. (SERIOUSLY??) My daughter and I grabbed pens and paper, and began feverishly scribbling every word he spoke.

After a few minutes of instruction, Stephen interrupted himself and said “Ann, you must have the hand of God on your shoulder right now because I have never told anyone how to do this.” (HONESTLY??) I am pretty creative and work well with my hands, so I reassured Stephen I was confident that, with his detailed instructions, I could recreate the garland to his high standards and his trust was well-placed. 

When our conversation ended, an electrified feeling came over my body – a buzzing that radiated from the tip of my head to the tip of my toes (TRUE) that lingered for several minutes. Then Stephen called back to give me more info. I told him how excited I was about the popcorn and our conversation, and I told him of my feeling of being electrified. He asked if it was more like a “buzzing.” (YES, INDEED!) He then explained that what I was truly feeling was the power of the Holy Spirit. I believed him then, and I believe him now. Stephen is a true Christian, and he has led me on a fulfilling spiritual journey. He has been a spiritual guide, a true mentor, and a wonderful friend to whom I will always be grateful. 

After much trial and error, it is with Stephen’s blessing that I introduce Popcorn Garland, USA

I have told this story many times since this happened, and am happy to share it with you in the hopes that this garland (and story) brings you as much joy as it has brought to me and my family. 

- Ann